Back to Purses

There is a new issue of Haute Handbags coming April 1. 

It's a great issue with a lot of beautiful bags and great ideas.

Haute Handbags

I made a bag for this issue and it really is a shot to the old ego to see it in print.


I've got some new to me vintage sofa fabrics to work with too so I think I will work on some sewing for the next few days. 


14 thoughts on “Back to Purses

  1. Such a cute bag. What a nice place to be published – hopefully it will turn up at my local bookstore so I can grab a copy. Congratulations!


  2. Well if they’re going to put such high-quality work in their mag then maybe it’s about time I got an issue. 🙂 Perhaps it will inspire me to do something with all that vintage fabric I’ve got lying around. Congratulations on being published!


  3. Your bag is splendid! Congratulations on being published. That bag on the cover is mind-blowing….I’ll be sure to buy a copy of Haute Handbags!


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