Garden Sea Shell Chair

I can't believe I actually put this old chair out to the curb. I did just that last week then took the terrier for her walk.

I got this years ago in NJ at an estate sale.  I removed the old cane seat and started to strip it.  Then I completely lost interest in restoring it so it has been sitting neglected in the attic.


But while I was walking the neighborhood it struck me that I should find some way to recycle that chair and keep it out of the land fill.  Then the sea shells came to mind.  Definitely an aha moment.



First thing I coated the chair with my new best friend, Spray Kilz Primer.  Can't tell you how much I love this stuff.

Next I painted the chair a pretty seaside blue using exterior paint.


Next I applied a lot of pretty shells using my fav glue, E6000. 

Using landscape fabric I made a seat, filled it with potting mix and flowers.


Sea shells make everything better. 

So next time, don't kick it to the curb, whatever it is. 

Glue some shells to it :->

32 thoughts on “Garden Sea Shell Chair

  1. Oh how fabulous. Right now I have 4 chairs all seatless that I will be making into garden chairs such as yours. I never thought about seashells. Thanks for the idea.


  2. So glad you used your magic and turned it into a planter. Love the shells also. I would have snapped up that chair from the curb in a heartbeat so good thing you took it back in.


  3. Oh how beautiful! It made me think of the Mermaid Chair as well! Have you read it? I stayed up all night finishing that book when I got it.


  4. Ohhhhhh….this would look great in my secret garden!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha…I love it!!!! If you put it out by the curb now it would be snatched up in a heartbeat….


  5. What a wonderful idea! You get big kudos for this. I’m so inspired.
    It’s just beautiful and the color is perfect. The shells are just the right touch.


  6. I see I’m not the only one that was reminded of the “Mermaid Chair”,
    Love, love, love the chair. It suits you to a T. I think you should bring it inside and put it beside your sea shell mantel.


  7. Oh Suzy, that is the most enchanting chair! And to think you almost threw it away makes me almost sick. For you made a magnificent work of art, as you always find a way to do!


  8. I think that is probably the cuttest garden chair ever!
    The way you glued the shells couldn’t be more perfect! I love E600 as well!!
    A friend of mine once glued pennies all over a bowling ball for her garden, and E600 did the trick.
    I always love stopping by to see what you’ve been working on !


  9. Stunningly beautiful! I found you through Maya at Daily Vitamin Sea…so glad!
    Have a beachy & wonderful Memorial Day weekend.
    Marie @ Sally Lee by the Sea
    “Celebrating the Coastal Lifestyle”


  10. Sedia stupenda!
    Adoro recuperare le sedie e anch’io ne ho trasformata una in porta fiori, ma la tua รจ semplicemente meravigliosa!
    Scusami ma non so l’inglese e uso il traduttore simultaneo
    Un caro saluto dall’Italia ^_____^
    Wonderful chair!
    I adore to recover the chairs and I of it have transformed in door flowers, but yours it is simply wonderful!
    I do not know English and use the simultaneous translator ๐Ÿ˜›
    A beloved salute from Italy ^_____^


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