Make Your Birds Happy

I've been consumed with nesting in my garden this spring. 

I love to sit and watch the birds in my garden and I have to tell you, I have some of the most pampered birds on the peninsula.

These new bird houses are just the ticket.


Well, this picture is kinda big for the birdhouse which is way at the top of the shed.  But I got this crazy bee in my bonnet today and painted the shed.  It was dull, boring gray before.  Now it is a subtle, but pretty green/grey color.  It compliments the garden nicely.


Isn't this birdhouse fab!  It has a daisy detail with a crystal knob.  I love it :->

These birdhouses are gorgeously crafted by John and he has a website and an etsy shop.


How gorgeous is this!!


I love this one!  Maybe for Mother's Day?

8 thoughts on “Make Your Birds Happy

  1. I too love birdhouses. Hubby doesnt get to happy when I invite all those feathered friends to the backyard. Oh well, I enjoy it. Love yours.


  2. I love that trellis one, too. And the fact that you just got the urge to paint your shed. Everything’s looking so happy and bright!


  3. Okay, I love those birdhouses & just went and bought two from his Etsy store! I love that large one, but I bought two smaller ones…for now. 🙂


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