What Happens When…

This is what happens when you spend all your time outside in the garden because you are just over come with spring fever.

This is what happens when you take off for a few days for a little retreat with your BFF.


I wonder just how many +++ I have over 1000.  Feels like I will never catch up on my blogging :->

I was off for a couple of days to spend time with Beth.   We had a little pre-birthday celebration and I took her to Ellicott City, MD for some antiquing and shopping.

Ellicott City is not for the faint hearted or for the handicapped. 


Lots of stairs to climb.


It's very quaint and historic.

Here is Beth contemplating her next purchase.


We had a great couple of days and we found some awesome junk so I'll have to get some pictures and share soon.   

10 thoughts on “What Happens When…

  1. I have happy memories of going to Ellicott City maybe 10 years ago with my husband and SIL. “Ellicott City” is still my husband’s code word for fun, fussy towns with cute shops that he really doesn’t want to enter. I bet you two had a good time!


  2. That’s a heck of a lot of catching up. Speaking of that, however, I don’t see a place to “follow” you, so I’ve gone ahead and entered your URL in my reader, so that I can get your posts that way. Did I miss “followers”? It’s okay because I will get your new posts now!


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