I’m a Trash Can Magnet

I just keep stumbling across these awesome vintage trash cans this year.  What's up with that?

Last weekend while I was spending a few days with Beth we attended an incredibly fabulous estate sale.  The first thing I nabbed as I ran down to the basement was this unbelievably cool vintage can.

Wow, I'm just tripping over trash cans and adjectives aren't I :->


It's a barely there shade of light green with gorgeous enamel metal flowers and hand painted leaves.  I love the cut metal trim on the top and it's painted pink on the inside.  You can't see them, but it has little metal ball feet too.


Now it's been spray sealed, holes drilled in the bottom and plants added. 

My favorite one yet.

8 thoughts on “I’m a Trash Can Magnet

  1. Wow, this one’s special and fancy.
    Since your post on putting them in the garden…I haven’t found one yet! and I love the idea.
    I had told my S.O. what I was looking for and he told me there were a lot of them at this building he was tearing down. Yes, please. Um, he didn’t quite understand…guess he just heard metal because he brought home two grey metal garbage cans (the one’s that are about 2.5′ tall, industrial) and while they have their decorative possibilities for other things…not quite what I meant! LOL …
    guess I need to show him your pictures.


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