Friends with Boats

I love living on the coast and having the beach just a short bike ride away.

I also love friends with yachts :->

My friends C & D have a new and fabulous yacht on the Hampton River and I got to sit and watch the sunset last night from the deck.


What's really cool is that my friends live on their boat.  I don't mean they spend a lot of time there, I mean they LIVE there.  Home address:  Hampton River.


The water was so calm last night, it was like glass.  Just lovely.


2 thoughts on “Friends with Boats

  1. Wow! Those are some lucky friends you have! Just think – anytime you got tired of your current address, you could just move somewhere new. lol I like the sound of that but I’d have to seriously downsize my possessions and I’m pretty sure that’s never going to happen!


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