Hampton Beautiful Yards Contest …I WON!!

I'm so excited, my yard is a winner for the Beautiful Yards Contest for the month of June :->


The Hampton, VA Clean City Commission has a contest each month, April through October to encourage beautification throughout the City of Hampton.

My yard was nominated and then inspected and I just found out that I won for June.  Wooooohoooo!!!


Boy, this just makes my weekend.  Party time!!


19 thoughts on “Hampton Beautiful Yards Contest …I WON!!

  1. Congratulations on your win!! Your yard is beautiful, so I think it was an easy pick for the judges…just a cool mix of traditional, and funky! I’d love to see our area do that, but even thinking about it makes me laugh so hard I can’t see to type! Rural Florida, and yard beautiful don’t quite mix…:o}!! Have a great weekend. *elaine*


  2. Way to go! Your beautiful yard was a lot of work! I know because after I did a lot of work on mine we had baseball size hail! It broke lots of my bird houses and little pretties. Enough of that–since you are on a roll, stop by my blog and enter our giveaway for Freebird fabric! You can make a purse! Congrats on the award!
    Cheery wave from


  3. Congratulations, what an honor! It’s really nice for someone else to pat you on your back for all your hard work.
    I’m new to your blog and have enjoyed my visits.


  4. Finally catching up on your blog and I see you’ve won an award. Hampton Beautiful Yards Contest Winner for the month of June. That is so exciting, makes all that hard work you do in your garden worth while.
    I am so happy for you


  5. Now THAT took a lot of work! Hard work. Sweat! Congratulations and how proud you must be. It’s beautiful and what an honor!


  6. Congrats! Now the neighborhood garden club thing just has to give you their award too haha


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