Vintage Talbot’s Chemise ReDo

I don't always look at clothes when I'm out thrifting, but when I do I like to flip through the racks looking at labels first.  When I come across a label from a decent store, then I step back and look at the garment.

My most recent better label find is a chemise or shift from Talbot's in pretty pink gingham fabrics.  I guessing from the 80's, maybe early 90's. 

 Very Junior League but cute I thought. 


Nice enough and perfect for summer.   But today I threw it under my sewing machine with a linen flower cut out and I'm diggin' my little update.


I'm thinking I need to go back to the ironing board though and get rid of that crease in the flower because I'm going to wear this tonight to littlepeach#2's induction ceremony into the Junior National Honor Society. 

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