Thrifty Color Combo

I did find some great stuff this weekend running around to some yard sales/thrift sales in between my teenager birthday errands that I HAD to run.

This little thing was a perfect thrifty garden junk find.


I just nestled this mushroom orphan shaker into the sedum and surrounded it with my painted rocks.  I know, I've been crazy with the spray paint lately and I painted beach rocks.  Whatever.

Of course this wasn't my first capture of this scene.  When ever I grab the camera  the resident terrier has to jump right into the picture.

But this time it was all about the butt shot.


She just came right out and posed her little patootie right in my picture and stood there. 

 I finally had to give her a good heave/ho to get her out of the way. 

Such a media hog she is :->

8 thoughts on “Thrifty Color Combo

  1. Green mushroom, yellow polka dots, pink rocks, chartreuse sedum…I am *almost* speechless.


  2. Who’d have thought that pink rocks, green polka dot mushrooms (and a doggie butt) could look so good, lol.


  3. That is a great idea for mushroom shakers!! You are so very clever. And I support you in your spray-painting habit – if it can’t walk (run) away, I’ll spray paint it.


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