First Haircut for a Rosemary Standard

Hot and dry.  That's been our east coast weather for too long now.

Heat and humidity however will not keep me from a 50% off sale at the local nursery.  Especially when I've got a gift card burning a hole in my pocket.

Thank goodness I'm not afraid of a little sweat and heatstroke because I got a fabulous deal on two rosemary plants that are just screaming to be trained into standards.



Each of these Rosemary "Arp" plants are about 24 inches tall.  The perfect size to shape into topiaries or standards.  These are perfect to do a triple standard.

This first haircut will be pretty drastic.


Now I will give them some fish emulsion fertilizer and set them in a sunny spot.

In about another month they should look fabulous.


Some pretty new pots are in order too.

Now that was a quick gardening break, it's really just too nasty to be outside much so I'm heading back in to the sewing studio. 

I'm playing around with aprons again :->


10 thoughts on “First Haircut for a Rosemary Standard

  1. You should check at Ross. When I was in there the other day they had some great flower pots.
    Love the haircut 😉
    Hope you have a great weekend!


  2. I was dealing with a little sweat and heatstroke myself this morning as I hit some yard sales. Too bad there’s no gift cards for those (except the old-fashioned kind called ca$h). Hope you have a breezy weekend. -amy


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