Summer Sale!!

I'm heading out to the World's Longest Yard Sale in less than two weeks! Yippee!!

In an effort to maximize my purchasing power (cold hard cash) I've put EVERYTHING in my GeorgiaPeachez Etsy shop on deep discount.

Every item has been marked down AND shipping is only $3.00, no matter how much you purchase. 




Copy (2) of IMG_3206a


Copy (2) of IMG_3210a

5 thoughts on “Summer Sale!!

  1. I am so excited for this adventure!! I have been following the other blog and will be living this big sale vicariously…the sun has been too much of an issue for me this year! Let me know if you find an aluminum stash.


  2. Hi, this is on another subject but remember when you mentioned you had a “corpose flower” in your backyard that attracted somekind of bug? Well, it is a rare find. Read about about the big buzz in Houston Texas. Houstonal Natural Science Museum, I think. It has been attracting thousands of people for weeks!! Thought of you and hope that I am right that you have one!
    On another note, read your blog every single day and look forward to your new postings.


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