This Rug is Bananas!

My sister just gave me a very special present :->

I had a short-lived rug hooking phase many, many years ago and during that phase I started a rug featuring my fox terrier, Daisy.  So long ago in fact, Daisy is no longer with us :-<

I drew and hooked her likeness and also a daisy flower.


Then the rug sat and sat, sadly unfinished.

My sister has become a very talented rug hooker and she finished my Daisy rug as a very special present to me.


How flippin' fabulous is that !!

Do you see the squirrels running around the border?  (Squirrels are a fox terrier's favorite delicacy)


This is something I will treasure forever.

I hope the current fox terrier in residence (Wendy) doesn't get jealous :-#  

12 thoughts on “This Rug is Bananas!

  1. I always thought that I’d like to do this, but I suspect my project would end up like yours. Your sister did a great job – lucky you!


  2. The rug is absolutely fabulous! Not only because it’s a reminder of Daisy but the design and colors she finished it with.
    My grandmother taught me to rug hook a gazillion years ago. I’ve always wanted to get back into it again but just never have.


  3. I’m so glad you shared this rug, AND your sister’s blog! I’m a rug hooker and she’s done some really nice stuff – I look forward to reading more. Plus she’s not TOO far from me here in Utah. (adjacent state)


  4. What a perfect gift! It’s absolutely gorgeous and an instant family heirloom. I love it! I want one with my collie on it, lol. 🙂


  5. My goodness that rug is adorable!! What a nice thing your sister did. I have a friend who does beautiful rugs. I am so jealous. I have tried it and want to get back into it. But I’m not so sure. You know quilting is my thing. 🙂


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