Are You Having Trouble with Typepad Too? Try This.

I discovered today that apparently Typepad has been screwing around with the editor software and now anyone trying to blog can't upload pictures.  Not any pictures.

Are you kidding me?  How do you make that kinda screw up? 

Typepad, pu-lease get your shit together!!

So I thought I would do a test post and to see if I could get a picture included. 

I NEVER create blog posts using the Typepad editor.  Instead I use Windows Live Writer.  I've been doing this for going on 2 years now and I prefer it.

So I am creating this post with a picture on Live Writer to see if it loads into Typepad.

I highly recommend Live Writer.  Try it out, I think you will like it.


The 50 year old version of moi.

(it worked, gotta love that Live Writer)

14 thoughts on “Are You Having Trouble with Typepad Too? Try This.

  1. Happy belated birthday Suzi!
    I’ve been using live writer for a few months now and absolutely LOVE it! it’s awesome, sooooo good! it’s way better than any of the blog posting editors, and much easier to use!


  2. I was having trouble with Blogger posting photos so I started making files and downloading photos to my blog. It works well. I don’t want to make waves by switching to something else. There is such a learning curve for me each time I make a change. But, if this starts acting up I will check out Windows Live Writer. I never change something that isn’t broken.


  3. You look great Suzy.
    Luckily I’m not struggling with Typepad (posted today) ’cause I’m really not into having to learn new technology right now :-]


  4. I just turned 50 in July, and so far things are going well! I’m confident there are many fun years ahead. Congratulations and happy belated birthday.


  5. I use blogger…it seemed easier and everyone knows I am a ‘puter Gumby. But they have “upgraded” too and there are ISSUES !!!! not like I don’t have enough of my own, sigh.
    You are apparently very smart and can work all this technical stuff out…I give you my admiration !!!


  6. How did I miss this post? I think I’ll blame typepad. Happy, happy birthday!! You’re looking pretty dang happy — probably because of Live Writer. Hope you’ll be celebrating all year long. 🙂


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