I Am the Iron Gardener!

Step aside Iron Chef, there is a new master in town and let me tell you, I am the Iron Gardener, HA!

But, let me digress……I love to whine and whine about our drought.  Yes, my yard and my garden are one big crispy critter. OH?  it's flooding where you live in the midwest?  Well, suck it up!  I wish I had 1/10 of your rainfall.  yeah!

So, to continue my whine, I had just reached the end of my rope.  Yup.  I just didn't think I could walk around and water my entire garden ONE MORE TIME!  Screw it, let it go.  Who cares that it is the end of September and it's still 95 degrees outside.

OH, if it was just…that…simple.

Back in the spring, my many sweaty hours and blisters were rewarded with THIS award from the Hampton Clean City Commission for the YARD OF MONTH for June for the City of Hampton, VA.

Well, don't think I forgot about it, but they also have a YARD OF THE YEAR award, sometime in October according to the website.

Well, actually I did forget about it, until I received a message on my voicemail on Friday. 

Yup, I made the short list for the award for YARD OF THE YEAR!!  Ahhhhhhhh, drumroll here. 

AND, they are coming on Monday to see the garden again.  Oh Yeah.  My crispy, dead, dried, fried garden.  yeah.  That one.

SO, today was DAY 1 of the IRON GARDENER!!


First stop today, my favorite local garden shop.

I want to throw in some "living" (not crispy) flowering plants so I picked up a flat of Johnny Jump Ups.  I love these cool weather flowers.  I dislike pansies though, but I love these.  Go figure.


My favorite update to the garden today is these two planters.  ( It's Saturday! Had to work in some junkin', duh!)  I scored these gorgeous planters at a yard sale this morning in my neighborhood while I was walking the pooch. (Wendy luvs to go yard saling)

Then a trip to my fav garden shop turned up these gorgeous and deliciously scented roses name "Julia Child".  How perfect!  They are a gorgeous yellow color, disease resistant,  but have a wonderful heirloom rose scent.  They are also the award winning rose for 2010.  Check your local garden center for this, gotta have it.


Another project to complete today was getting all these planters in order.  This is a new plant bench,  made of eucalyptus wood.  I have a bunch of vintage planters for it and I am filling them with succulents and cactus plants. 

So, this IRON GARDENER project is a 48 hour ordeal.  Today was just gardening from dawn to dusk.  Sunday update to follow.  I must get a good nights rest, I have an early garden call tomorrow.  ciao.

4 thoughts on “I Am the Iron Gardener!

  1. Oh boy! You are going to be busy for a while. I can’t imagine what I would do in this situation. My poor garden is “end of the summer” sad right now and would need a major overhaul to get it back into award winning shape.
    Go Iron Gardener…. you can do it.


  2. I hope the judging is soon – you can only keep up this pace so long! Good luck. You’re already Gardener of the Year in our blog world.


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