The Stage is Set

I've done all that I can physically do in two days.  My "end of summer sad" garden has been tweeked and cleaned and raked and fouffed. 

Here is what the committee will see when they come to judge my garden.


Lots of spots got an injection of johnny jump ups.


A new seating arrangement to show off my new planters and roses.  The chiminea is covered because, do I dare say it?  Rain is on the way :->


Remember when I found this cast iron fire grate at an estate sale earlier this year?


Then I found another one!


For the first time ever I used the blower to clean off the patio.  OMG, I have a new favorite tool, I had no idea that thing was so flippin' fabulous.  I'm gonna use that damn thing to clean the house!! :->


The plant gallery.


It's looking pretty good from every angle.


All five of the seashell planters on the wall got updated for fall.  Johnny jump ups in, portulaca out.


Even the gnome got a new do.  His traditional paint job was faded and he was looking like the anemic gnome.  Now he is the green gnome, not to be confused with the green hornet. 

So I am as ready as I will ever be for the garden review.  Here's hopin'.

9 thoughts on “The Stage is Set

  1. Wow, two days, can you come do my garden? It seems an odd time to judge a garden, but you will certainly show them how it’s done.
    Green Hornet reference just made my morning! I wonder if I can find it on the computer for the kids?


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