Doggie Needs a Raincoat

Another back burner project completed.  Yes!

Wendy has been needing a raincoat forever, but since we didn't have any rain this summer, it really wasn't a priority.  It was just one of those project that I had an idea about and today I finally got around to it.  The monsoon that we had on Thursday kinda brought this project to the top of the list.

Using her winter coat as a pattern I made a lovely raincoat using a vintage shower curtain. 

Wendy graciously volunteered to model.


I think it looks pretty sharp.  I added a bit of interfacing to insulate and lined it with a very cute terrier print cotton.

Oh yeah, it reversible for those sunny days when Wendy is feeling sassy.


I've got a stash of vintage shower curtains and I'm thinkin' I might make a few more raincoats.  A girl's got to have options.

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