Betty White and GeorgiaPeachez

Well, I'm kinda' stretching to get there but there is a connection.

  A little one :->

This event is coming up in Williamsburg, just down the road from Hampton where I live.


I was asked to contribute a creation for the silent auction.  Do you think they meant moi when they referred to celebrity contributions ??

I thought it was only appropriate to make a cute doggie tote.


All this to benefit the Morris Animal Foundation so I hope my little contribution goes a long way to help.

5 thoughts on “Betty White and GeorgiaPeachez

  1. Of course this will help and as for you being a celebrity…. of course you are. You have blog and you make beautiful doggie totes for charity. That counts as a “celeb” in my book.


  2. That is adorable. Your logo will be on the ad that runs in Sunday’s paper. Be sure to look for it!!!!
    –Kelly O.


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