American Folk Art Supreme

I found a new thrift store today.  It's actually a newly established store and it's new to me.  It's in Smithfield, VA and it benefits the Isle of Wight SPCA.

It's teeny tiny, but inside I found this:


I'm just in awe of this masterpiece of american folk art.  It's made of mahogany.  So my little excursion to Smithfield really paid off today. 

I'll put this in my fantasy sewing room.  That would be the big room with the windows that flood it with natural light…..  Whoa, snap out of it. 

  Hmmmm, maybe the kitchen….

6 thoughts on “American Folk Art Supreme

  1. What a beauty of a shelf. How close is it to the Virginia Diner? I have been hankering for some ham biscies and waldorf salad. Might be a road trip coming on!


  2. What an awesome find. These are the types of pieces I live well with also so I really appreciate when others are lucky enough to find something this wonderful. Good job!


  3. That is an awesome find – I love it – the bird and moose/elk(?) detail is so unusual. Big, natural-light-flooded sewing room? I have that same fantasy. *sigh*


  4. The shelf is lovely. It looks perfect for your sewing room (or space for now). I made a wreath this week based on your lovely creations. Stop by my blog to take a look.


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