Are You As Busy As I Am?

I know you are, it's just that crazy time of year.  I committed to the Santa's Attic Craft Show again this year before I realized that I really don't have time to make anything for it :-0

I'm trying to squeeze in what ever I can manage in between all the other things that keep us so busy on a normal day.


I'm getting just a bit of sewing done but I really want to do a lot more, yikes!

We are going out of town for the holidays, so I think I see some long nights ahead of me when I return.


See the book bags in the back made of the vintage embroidery squares.  I totally ripped that idea right out of my BFF Beth's hot little hands.  (but she said it was OK) :->

While I am in the studio crafting and watching TV I am really enjoying a good chuckle over the Target ads for Black Friday.  If you haven't seen them check out the 2 Day Tips on the website.  They are HILARIOUS!  I gotta get me one of those red jumpsuits.

9 thoughts on “Are You As Busy As I Am?

  1. Every time I see one of those target ads, I think it’s Amy Sedaris. Big day today of packing etsy boxes to ship — hoping for 4 minutes of sun tomorrow so I can take some pics. Then Thanksgiving…hope you have a great one!


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