A Really Fab Magazine and a Special Discount

I have been living and breathing christmas wreaths for the past few weeks.


I have also contributed an article about my wreaths along with a DIY segment for a really fabulous online magazine called  SOUTHERN FLOURISH.

The gals that put together this magazine do an outstanding job and it is really beautiful to look at and great articles to read too :->


The magazine is published 4 times a year and a subscription only costs the tiny sum of $10 ($2.50/issue). 

As a special treat to all my blog readers they are offering a discount to all new subscribers of $2, making the annual cost only $8 or a mere $2/issue.  Just use the discount code peachez.

They are having some FAB giveaways coming up too for subscribers.  I've donated on of my jewelry totes for the giveaway.


This issue debuts tomorrow, Dec. 1 but there is a free 14 page peek available right now here. 


11 thoughts on “A Really Fab Magazine and a Special Discount

  1. Magazine enabler… 🙂
    I’m always willing to give a home to a home magazine.
    Congrats on your article and that giant, beautiful pic of your wreath. Must be very exciting to see your work in print!


  2. I have made wreaths like this for many, many years, and they’re all just beautiful! I especially like your latest groovy one! lol! Thanks for the “peachez” discount on the magazine! I’ve purchased and downloaded mine, and it’s really great!! Thanks! In everything, give thanks, GrandmaSoucie


  3. The wreaths are fantastic. I was especially interested in the one with the big, colorful light bulbs. I saw a huge strand at the Weigh n’ Pay (where everything is 40 cents a pound) and hated leaving them there…had no idea what t do with them. Now I know!


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