Saturday in Virginia

Silly title I know, but I'm just throwing out some random things today.  I have a million and one chores to get done, just like you, right?

First, I'm all tingly about the post over at Retro Renovation.  Pam Kueber is the genius behind one of my absolute fav blogs and she just bragged about my wreaths and my vintage ornament obsession.


Pam Kueber

Did you know that if you use Google Reader to keep updated on the blogs you follow that you can "categorize" them.  I have all my blogs neatly organized into folders.  I have my go to first folder named "Must Reads", and you know that is where I have Retro Renovation stashed.

Second, I've been plugging away at listing all the items that came back home with me from the craft show last weekend.  Most of them are over in the ol' Etsy shop, including a few new purses :->




8 thoughts on “Saturday in Virginia

  1. Before I click on that new blog that sounds like one I must read, I wanted to tell you that I have the matching pillowcase to your stocking. (Ah, Christmas border prints….)


  2. xoxo Suzy, all the love and praise is well deserved. hey, i see you sold all the wreaths left on your etsy shop pronto – hope the PR helped! many thanks for sharing, pam


  3. hello!
    i am new here and i LOVE it.
    i just made an ornament wreath on friday and someone sent me here to see your stuff. WOW. you are amazing. i love all of it!


  4. Well, you certainly didn’t come home with much. So, I’m hoping that means the show was a big success!
    And congrats on the shout-out! I will check her out and see what she’s all about.


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