New Bags

I'm working on something new for me :->

Messenger bags.

You can tell from my fabric choices on this bag that I'm ready for spring. 

 SO ready for spring.


I'm all pumped up to make more of these beauties but now my steam press is on the fritz :-<

My steam press is an essential piece of equipment so off to the shop it goes.  I hope it can be repaired because I love my steam press.  I can get a new one I know, but I love mine and of course they don't make that model any more.

This bag is in my etsy shop along with the dress form displays that I've been making.  Love them and they are fun to make.


10 thoughts on “New Bags

  1. LOVE the bag! That is beautiful but if I got another bag, hubby would kill me! It was so much fun seeing you this weekend! Hopefully you and Elizabeth can make a return trip soon!


  2. Great bags, and I hope you can get your steam press fixed.
    Also want to comment on your use of your shells. Did you collect them all or purchase them? I especially love the big Lion Paw shells. When on vacation in Florida I have never been lucky enough to find a Lion Paw intact. I have big plastic bins filled with all kinds of shells that I beachcombed for.


  3. This bag is a breath of Spring. You do such a nice job of putting them together. The color combinations and everything.
    I go to look at your Etsy store…..


  4. As usual LOVE LOVE LOVE what you do. That bag is adorable and so is that dress form. I love it. Oh I said that already.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m not sure why it doesn’t leave my comments on my email anymore. I must have clicked a wrong button somewhere. lol


  5. Yep, that is a lovely springy bag you’ve got there. Your dress form is lovely too. It will be wonderful when spring comes and we can see your lovely garden in your bag photos.


  6. Love that bag,I havent done any sewing in awhile, but recently bought some purse patterns to try, so am excited to pick out some fun fabric and maybe make a few for christmas gifts as well!I just recently found your blog,have been enjoying it very much! Amy Boelter from pinkdaizies


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