What Goes Around Comes Around

Sure enough, those 70's colors and decor are back. 


My mother made this mirror back in the early 70's and I remember this project well.  It was in a magazine and I bet one day I will find that magazine DIY article again.

On a one inch thick piece of plywood the mirror was adhered and then the design was laid out using string.  The whole thing was covered in Gesso (except the mirror of course) and then painted.  After that its was "antiqued".

I loved it then and I still love it today, especially the colors.  When  she offered it to me a few years ago I didn't hesitate.  I bet it will pass down to my daughters too.

IF I ever decide to part with it, that is.

4 thoughts on “What Goes Around Comes Around

  1. I love your mother’s mirror project and you are SO right. If only I had waited just 10 more years before I finally replaced my avacado green stove…


  2. I was taught , if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything .
    Well I am an adult now and I am going to say I realy don’t like those 1970’s colors. I am saying it in a nice way. I never did like that avacado green or gold or orange.
    Those 3 colors are not in my house except for some cotton lace and first person to ask for it can have it.
    I do love your blog and your fun header and read you post.
    Very Sincerely Janice


  3. I feel bad now. That is the first time I ever said a negative thing on a post. (it’s against the rules isn’t it?)blog rules??
    Maybe it’s the gloomy snowy days we still have here, no sun etc.
    I need a happy drink


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