7 thoughts on “It Was a Long Winter

  1. LOL ~ I love the new photo at the top of the page, but I find myself missing your sea shells ~ they were beautiful!
    Wishing you a wonderful day ~ thanks for brightening ours!


  2. We thought it was over, here in California, but we had a wind storm last night and it’s suppose to rain all week. My… Mother Nature is unpredictable.
    Your post reminds me that the first day of Spring is here and that my garden will survive. Thanks.
    p.s. Your header is beautiful.


  3. You new banner is awesome – just what I needed to see since it’s still raining here in Oregon. Good news – the temperature just shot up to 40. :-/
    Doesn’t stop me from planning this years flower pots…


  4. That new picture in your banner is stunning. My Nana once told me when the rays shine like that God made them slides for the Angels to come back from heaven. I still think of that today…Not quite Spring yet here in Kansas, but close…Smiles…Renee


  5. I hope it’s over! Not that I can really complain here in CA. Love a good shot of a flowering tree! Happy Spring!


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