A Nice Feature

I want to thank Linda from A Collective Journal for featuring one of my dress form displays in her article today about vintage dress forms.


The dress form display that she featured is one that I made a few weeks ago using that interesting fabric that I purchased at the quilt show and that piece has been sold.

Right now I have three pieces in my shop.

This one is made from vintage grain sack fabric and I added some old lace to embellish one side.


This one is made from felted wool and it's very soft :->


This girl is my favorite, she's very 70's chic.


I'm working on some new ones too that are pretty neat.  One of them is made using vintage floral feedsack, but I've put the wrong side of the fabric out, so it has a very faded and neutral look to it.  I'll share that one next time :->

6 thoughts on “A Nice Feature

  1. Egads. I have not been following my favorite blogs lately and I see I have missed a LOT with YOU Suzy!! Hopped over to grab your link for a funny pic of my granddaughter I’m posting tonite. I’ll come back soon. LOVE what you’ve been up to!


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