Rescued From the Curb

You can throw anything you want on the curb in my town and the trashman will haul it away.  I mean ANYTHING

Cut down every tree in your yard and haul it to the curb and YES, my tax dollars will pay for the city to haul it away.

But this week the curb yielded a fabulous garden treasure for me :->


It was broken into two pieces, but HELLO!  Two words to the wise, CONSTRUCTION ADHESIVE!!!

Good as new and totally fabulous!!!!!

7 thoughts on “Rescued From the Curb

  1. Viva la rescue!!!! It just boggles my mind that there are people out there who don’t know you can FIX THINGS for crying out loud. But maybe that is fortunate for those of us who do fix things – te he!


  2. What is construction adhesive? My sister’s movers broke her Red Wing crock and she wants to glue it back together (just for looks, she won’t use it). Do you think construction adhedive would work? Where does one buy that?
    Thanks! (And I LOVE your find!!! Lucky you!!)
    Laurel 🙂


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