Vendor Night at the Art & Soul Retreat, Hampton VA

After visiting the vendor night last year and my friends Sue and her sis Michelle I decided that Beth and I HAD to have a go at this.

Especially since it is literally down the street for me, right here in Hampton, VA.

Beth and I dug deep into our personal stashes and shopped the World's Longest Yard Sale and many estate sales to come up with a booth that was literally exploding with STUFF.


We also added a few handmade items like dressform displays and Beth's fabulous pin cushions.




We had so much stuff it was spilling out onto the floor.



Beth did the bulk of the display arrangement and made it happen.  It was not an easy task considering the volume of merch that we had!


There is Beth in the background doing some final tweeks.

The event was wildly successful for us and we got rid of the bulk of our items, transforming it into cold hard cash.  Nice.


Our next door booth neighbors were Vintage Sue and her sis Michelle.  Their booth was totally rockin'.  Fortunately! we were all too busy selling to do any socializing. 



The ladies that were attending the Retreat and shopping the Vendor Night were so delightful.  This was a hands down a 100% positive experience. 

Wish you could have been there :->      

6 thoughts on “Vendor Night at the Art & Soul Retreat, Hampton VA

  1. Congratulations…what a great time. Money and friends. Isn’t it nice to free up space. Glad Miss Beth got a chance to get out and have fun after her early Spring news. From the look of the booth I would have loaded up my car with the bulk of this! Smiles…Renee


  2. Suzy — It was so good to see you again, if barely. You must come up again soon so we can hit the pub. John loves the bowling trophy, even if he didn’t win it. I wish we had had more time to visit but agree it was even better that we didn’t!


  3. Congratulations on what sounds like a very sucessful event. Man do I ever wish I could have been there, the photos are haunting me. Maybe you could do vendor night here in Portland this Fall – tehe!


  4. I follow your blogs and I am glad to see your success with some of your longest garage sale finds…I may go this year…So glad your event was a success! Also, Love your Wreaths! I’m hooked on Vintage Christmas Too! What a Great way to Display all your Vintage Christmas finds 😀
    Christine @


  5. Oh, I wish I could have shopped your booth too! I know I would have loaded up! It’s great to hear you and Beth had such a positive experience.


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