Handy Dandy

My old garden potting tray has seen better days.  It's starting to rust and holes are appearing in the bottom :-<


I found this super spiffy potting tray at my favorite garden center today.


Now back to the gardening already in progress. 

2 thoughts on “Handy Dandy

  1. Okay, I looked at this three times…its an oil drip pan. Genius! I love it. The old one. The new one is great, but the old one is just super 😉 Renee


  2. Why have I never used a potting tray before? I usually end up using the little half box from the nursery the plants came in.
    I’m having potting envy – I’ve planted one tiny pot and its now inside for the evening due to chance of (insert bad word here) frost here tonight. Frost!


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