It Was A Rescue Mission

Every day the pooch gets a walk and for many years now we have walked past a certain house.

A certain, modest brick ranch that isn't terribly well tended. 

A certain house that could use a dose of TLC.

This certain house did posses an enviable piece of concrete statuary however.


For many years I have pined for this piece of concrete. 

Then a few weeks ago the lusted for piece of concrete fell over.  And there it lay.  Neglected and on it's side.

Action had to be taken. 

So I wrote a kind note offering to adopt (for a reasonable fee) said piece of concrete.

Days passed and there it was.  So close yet so far.

But today I was allowed to rescue my concrete.  Such a sigh of relief.




9 thoughts on “It Was A Rescue Mission

  1. LOL! Mom did this with a concrete chicken and her chicks, they are very happy in her garden now!! Love the little guys under the mushrooms though! Too cute!


  2. I love when you love something, you love it so passionately, devotedly, and doggedly! I am glad you loved those cute little gnomes because they are perfection!


  3. I LOVE it, love it lol someone down the street has a donkey with a cart that I am hoping someday to find at the curb they dont even have stuff planted in the cart, grrr lol. you have a lucky find.
    hugs JoAnn


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