In the Mountains of East Tennessee

I've been visiting with my Mom this week.  MommaPeach lives in the hills of east Tennessee.  She and I both share a love for daylilies.  We visited two daylily farms in the mountains and Wow :->



When you look out across the field of daylilies, they don't seem that impressive. 

But then you get up close.



What's not to love?  Daylilies need just about zero maintenance.  They tolerate full blazing sun, drought and poor soil.  Even though each bloom only lasts one day, a mature clump of daylilies will bloom on and on for weeks.

This next garden belongs to Mrs Littleton.  She lives in the mountains outside of Gray, TN.  Her beautiful garden is terraced on a mountainside.  She sells all kinds of plants and she specializes in daylilies. 


I love her garden which includes lots of nooks and benches.  She tucks in all kinds of interesting garden junk amongst the flowers. 


Mrs Littleton's daylilies are so spectacular.


You can't quite appreciate the slope from these pictures, but let me tell you, we are clinging to the side of a mountain here.


As you can imagine, I came home with the trunk stuffed full of daylilies :->


5 thoughts on “In the Mountains of East Tennessee

  1. Great pictures! I once bought a bunch of day lily’s at a yard sale (big surprise…I know). They were 50 cents for a bucket full. They are wonderful in the front and back garden. I would love to see pictures of your gardens this year!
    ♥, Susan


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