The Sewing Studio is Moving – Finally

It's been very quiet around this blog for a while, but things are whipping up into a frenzy right now.

Yesterday I started the big move for my sewing studio.

I've shown you before, my haven, my sewing studio. It currently resides on the third floor of my house in a room without a single window :-<



Now that littlepeach#1 has finished two years of college she has finally, reluctantly, let go her grip on her big bedroom on the third floor and agreed to move across the hall. Into my, soon to be, old sewing studio.

That means that littlepeach#2, who starts high school in the fall will get to move upstairs to the "big girl room" with her own attached bath.

What this means most significantly though, is that I FINALLY get to move my sewing studio down to the second floor into her old room. The room with the most natural light in the whole house. Bigger too.

So I'm going to share some progress photos as I SHIFT around 3 rooms in my house. Three rooms that are each full of stuff! It's a daunting undertaking, but I'm ready. Here goes.


This is my new space. Soon anyway.


As you may or probably can't tell, I've already begun to move the teenager stuff upstairs.


Once we get this place emptied out, there will be new flooring, new lighting, new paint and lots of organization coming in. Stay tuned.

4 thoughts on “The Sewing Studio is Moving – Finally

  1. Wow — looks like you’ll be having lots of fun redecorating and organizing! Can’t wait to see the finished rooms, even though I love your sewing room the way it is. I’m really curious as to how you got your older daughter to give up the room too!


  2. How exciting!! It will be tons of work but all worth it in the end when you each have your brand new spaces – yay!!!


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