Blank Slate

The painting is completed.  I've laid carpet squares onto the subfloor in place of the old carpet.  (my house is 1970's era, alas, no hardwood floors in the bedrooms)


I brought down my sewing table to figure out the best spot for it.  The entire room organization will revolve around the sewing table.  It is the heart of this studio.  I've placed it here so I am facing the door and the view out the window.


That ugly ceiling fan is still there, I needed it for circulation while I was painting but now I can have it removed.  That's next, along with a LOT of trips up and down the stairs to bring down all the stuff

Here we go, now the fun part :-> 

3 thoughts on “Blank Slate

  1. It’s amazing what a difference a little paint and carpet can make. Secretly I’m hoping when you start organizing all your stuff to be moved, there’ll be some vintage fabric purging in the direction of your esty shop! 🙂


  2. Well this all looks familiar. It will be so worth it when it is finished, but boy is this a lot of work!! Can’t wait to see the new studio and more importantly, the new creations coming out of that studio. Stay cool (I know…impossible)
    ♥, Susan


  3. Suzy– You’re my hero! I can’t wait to see more progress photos. It’s looking great. –Kelly O.


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