New Cutting Table Configuration

I'm in love with my new cutting table :->


My old cutting table, while very functional, wasn't as fabulous looking.  I was using a folding table, sitting on paint cans for height.  Remember this?


Instead of building a wall of cubbies, I used the cubbies to build the island cutting table.


To build this I used 4 sets of cubbies and connected them for stability using L-brackets and mending brackets.  The top is just a cutting board. 



34 thoughts on “New Cutting Table Configuration

  1. It’s brilliant!!! Looks fantastic, clears floor space for you, and it looks like it’s a good height too, help out with tired back and all that! What a good idea…I’m impressed!
    Smiles, Karen


  2. Just found this and you on pinterest! LOVE the idea for a cutting table! …wishing I had the space to do this…


  3. Great idea you had here:-D
    saw it pinned on pinterest
    and decided to pop over to your blog for a peak of your craft room


  4. Awesome! I’m a scrapbooker and I’m thinking this could be a desk/scrap table if I only used three sides and put on a sturdy desktop! Then I’d have a place for my knees underneath.


  5. Another Pinterest user here… What is the cutting surface made of? Can you give us the overall dimensions as well?


  6. This is a great idea. I saw this on Pinterest. I have a fabricaholic problem and you might a just given me more room! 🙂


  7. i want to do this. One question: what is in the center section to support the middle of the cutting table?


  8. Creative! Now in my memory bank to do when we get out of this little apartment and graduate from law school.
    …came over from


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