Serendipitous Thrifting

After putting together the cutting/work table of my dreams it became obvious that a bar stool/chair would be a handy accessory to go with.

A quick stop at the DAV Thrift on that very day turned up this gem.


Unfortunately the Waffle House color palette does not work in the new sewing abode so another session with the spray paint was required.  Yet another project outside, in the inferno that is the current climate here in Virginia.


I love it because it's the perfect fit and it swivels 360 degrees like "buttah". 

10 thoughts on “Serendipitous Thrifting

  1. PERFECT! And as uncomfortable as that inferno is, maybe it “baked on” the new paint with the durability of powder-coating. Could be.


  2. What a great room and talk about seredipity, I was on Happy’s blog and saw your blog on her favorites list and cliked on it only to find out we are kind of neighbors! I am in Franklin 🙂 Gotta go all the way to England to find a blogger in my own neck of the woods.


  3. Oh my goodness…how cute is that chair and comfort to boot. I love a backed chair. You lucky lady! Can’t wait to see what you churn out of that place….smiles…Renee


  4. I love it–I have a stool pretty similar to this one (a little older, probably from the 30’s) and my fav part is the handy ring for propping your feet! I hate stools where you have to hang your feet! Your studio is really shaping up, I’m jealous. I’m in the middle of a huge mess as I try and get mine straightened up. Trying to purge, wish me luck!
    Smiles, Karen
    the good news is that the destash shop I’ve been meaning to open on Etsy is finally a reality!


  5. Just had to say that I LOVE your header pic! What a fabulous idea! Someday, a long, long time from now when I move into a beachy little place by the sea, can I borrow your idea?


  6. You must enjoy creating in this special space. I love the colorful look of the furniture and the fabrics. I am working on my craft room but it is so tiny there is not much to do with it. I am envious of your room it looks great.


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