Yet Another Sewing Studio Craft Project

Yes, yes, yes ….I am in the midst of a major nesting extravaganza.

Everything that I bring down from the old sewing studio to the new studio seems to require at least a coat of fresh paint.  I am in nesting mode to the 20th exponential.  at least.  :->

I have had this project on my back burner for quite some time. ( I have been saving a lot of ideas for the big move) 

I first saw this project in a BHG publication and fell in love.  Then I read the directions :-<  Then I read the supply list  :-<

The directions were a tad bit complicated and the supply list was a lot overpriced for me.

But I still really, really wanted to make this project so I pondered it and came up with an easier and cheaper alternate.

Here is my "sewing studio" version.


The supply list is here, everything is pictured above.  Remember everything is thrifted or re-purposed.  I only purchased the threaded rod and the hex nuts and washers.

1) wooden lazy susan

2)  large metal tray

3)  two vintage tin bottoms (save the tops for another project)

4)  threaded metal rod  (24")

5)  hex nuts and washers to fit metal rod

6)  mod podge

7)  sewing thread spools

8)  topper or finial

OK, my directions are going to be specific to making a three tired organizer just like mine.  Modify as you see fit.

The end result will be something similar to this:


I found the center for the tray, lazy susan, and the tins and then pre-drilled a hole in each.

Next I inserted the threaded rod in the lazy susan and then added some glue before sliding the tray over the threaded rod.   Next I secured the rod with a washer and hex nut. 

Now, to cover the threaded rod and add stability I used vintage spools of thread.  Before sliding them over the rod I painted them with Mod Podge to give them a finished look and secure the thread on the spools.

After adding the spools of thread then I added another washer and hex nut then I added the next tin. 

I continued with a washer and hex nut then more spools.  Next came another washer, hex nut and then the third and smallest tin.  Another set of washer and hex nut then more spools. 

I topped it off with a larger spool and then a vintage tomato pin cushion. 


18 thoughts on “Yet Another Sewing Studio Craft Project

  1. We carried some of these at the shop, but this is so much cooler than any we EVER had! I love it! Are you going to make some for your etsy shop??


  2. That is so freaking adorable. My mom is setting up her new sewing studio and this would be perfect to hold some of her notions!! I’m going to forward her a link to your blog so she can see for herself!


  3. Stop now before I have to redo my room…just kidding. These all look so good in your new room because of all the light. Super jealous…Renee


  4. Absolutely in love with this – from the vintage deco tray to the pincushion topper. Mostly I love that you thrifted the items and did it yourself, I’m a collector of vintage tins, this is one DIY I should be able to manage 🙂


  5. Hi…Thank=You So Much for Sharing this Project…I have been wanting to do this with my Decoupaged Tin Cans and had No Idea how to go About it…Now I think your “Sewing Tier” would work for my Cans as well…I will send a pic when I finish it!
    Thanks Again…You are One of the Craftiest Crafters I know! WOW…!!!
    Can’t wait to see your finished Craft Room and Other Projects!
    You Go Girl!!!


  6. AWESOME IDEA!!! Wow, that’s just tooooo cute!! I love it! Now you really need to send that idea in to a magazine or something…more people would love to make one than just little ol’ bloggers out here!!
    Absolutly the cutest thing I’ve seen!


  7. I saw something similar in a magazine years ago and I could never for the life of me figure out how to do it, I tried, but the results were a disaster. Yours is so much cuter too! I am so making one of these after the holidays die down. Visiting from Roadkill rescue.
    BTW I host a link party at every weekend. I would LOVE it if you could stop by and link up this project. This is just fantastic and I know a lot of people will love this. Thanks!


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