Cool Junk Dudes

Just got back from a long weekend with the family in NYC.  It was a very good trip because the weather was unheard of fabulous for August and everyone had a good time.  Each of us got to do something that was on our list and for me that was going to a NYC flea market.

In fact, I had my sights set on the Hell's Kitchen Flea Market.  I only just heard about this particular NYC market because I also just discovered a freakin' great new show on the Discovery channel.  Have you seen this one yet??

I happened upon this last week by chance.  I'm almost ashamed to admit that I was planning to watch "Picker' Sisters" on Lifetime.  (Here's my advice about that show….NOT).  Instead I watched two episodes of "Dirty Money" and I am hooked

This show, DIRTY MONEY, is about two brothers, the DiResta's from LonGisland and their junkin' adventures, their junk transformations and then the flea market experience. 


That's me with John.


That's Jimmy in the glasses under the red tent.

Let me tell you, these were the nicest guys and quite handsome too :->

Don't let their flea market personas fool you.  They have got some impressive creds.  I love this quote here from the NY Post about "the sickness".

Simply defined, "it's the love of other people's junk," says John, clarifying that "hoarding is for weirdos, the sickness is pre-hoarding."

I totally get it guys.  I've got the sickness.

Did I haggle for any of their mantiques?  Nope, but I did snag one of John's comedy CD's and it was hilarious.  It was the highlight of the audio portion of our drive home today :->


12 thoughts on “Cool Junk Dudes

  1. What a “junk” lovin’ pair you both are! “Dirty Money” blows most of the junker reality shows out of the water! I am still drooling over the Steampunk keyboard!~~~XXOO, Beth


  2. Glad you had such a good time and met up with the guys from Longggisland. Being an LI girl born and bread, I get it. I had completely given up on all of those shows…same junk week after week. I will check this other one out.
    ♥, Susan


  3. Ok — one more thing to add to tivo! BTW, I’ve watched a couple episodes of picker sisters … for those of us out there doing this all the time, it’s not terribly authentic. Can’t remember the last time I crawled over a pile of rusty stuff in a tiny skirt. With fluffy hair. I suppose too much ‘authenticity’ might scare the viewers. 🙂


  4. I haven’t heard of that show but I’ll check it out. American Pickers was all about broken motorcyles and oil cans…I need a show that refurbishes or transforms castoffs into something pretty/functional.


  5. Love this – I was in NYC just 2 weeks ago and went to the Flea as well. My daughter sent me on a quest to find Jimmy DiResta. Found him and he was the nicest guy. Took pictures, talked to my daughter on the phone and easy on the eyes. Better yet, he is fine as wine. Thanks for blog – it’s great.


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