NYC Flea Serendipity

When we planned our long weekend to NYC I really didn't anticipate getting to any flea markets.  This was a family trip and I was planning to go along and do what every the collective wanted to do.  Believe me, the collective did not desire to go to the flea markets. 

But then our hotel turned out to be within walking distance of the Hell's Kitchen Flea Market so everyone agreed that we could stop by on Saturday and take a quick stroll.  I absolutely loved it and that is where I met up with the DiResta brothers.

What I absolutely did not anticipate was waking up Saturday morning and finding a flea market in the parking garage directly across the street from my hotel!!


Literally twelve steps across the street!  I slammed down my Hampton Inn breakfast and hustled right over there, you betcha.

Quite an assortment of vendors and some good junk to look at for sure.

Serendipity?  Hell yeah, but it gets even better :->

I found a fabulous dealer at this market, a dealer with the coolest vintage jewelry, beads, findings, and creations.  A fab dealer with an equally fab etsy shop, Beadtopia Vintage.


I picked up some cool vintage items from her to use in my creations.  I've bought from her etsy shop in the past and I'll be shopping there again.  Serendipity, I love it.

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