Oh Bother

That's what hurricane Irene was, a big pain in the butt.  No power, no cable, no cell reception, hot, wet.  Whine.


No major catastrophes, just a big mess.  Fortunately we didn't have any of the flooding that has been catastrophic in other locations. 

Finally tonight the cable and power are back.  The roar of generators in the hood is gone.  Looking forward to a good and air conditioned sleep tonight :->

3 thoughts on “Oh Bother

  1. yeaaaaa!! good to hear the power is back on! first thing I did when I got home from work monday was to take a long hot shower and a 2 hours nap! 3 days with power is evil. pure evil! (mauh) Liz


  2. So glad that things didn’t get too bad for you…just that yucky mess to clean up! It’s hard to deal with no power, we get that now and again with ice storms.
    Smiles, Karen


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