More Sewing Studio Redo

Another corner of the new sewing studio.


This corner of the room is just to the right of my sewing table.  I'm so proud of myself because that cubbie shelf used to be filled with fabric in my upstairs sewing room.  I purged enough fabric to keep it available for other STUFF

Wait… did I just claim to be pleased with myself over my hoarding organization??


Lots of favorites on these shelves.


Love my Dream Pet collection.  Gotta  have a Totoro too.


These are some of my most special pin cushions.  Most were made by my BFF Beth.

Only one corner left to brag about, but that one is a doozy.  A 32" doozy.  

3 thoughts on “More Sewing Studio Redo

  1. Love love love those dream pets. I have run across a few lately but nothing near this great collection. Those pincushions from Beth are just as dreamy as your wreaths. What luck that you all share your art with the rest of us. I can only imagine the damage the two of you can do at a flea market…so much fun! Smiles…Renee


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