I Love Weird Garden Plants

I've bragged before about my VooDoo lily.  Blooming right now in my garden is the Carrion Flower.  From the genus Stapelia this succulent has a large bloom that once it pops open smells a bit like carrion or dead meat.  That's because this weird beauty of the garden needs to attract flies for pollination.


See right there, it's working.  Several flies have found it already :->


Once this bloom pops open it's quite large, about 10 inches across.  It's got long fuzzy hairs on it too.  Awesome. 

6 thoughts on “I Love Weird Garden Plants

  1. I’ve heard about those! I think there is one kind of like that but bigger here in Chicago. Botanists are totally confused by it, because it isn’t supposed be able to grow and survive in our climate. Yet every year, it blooms again!
    Thanks for sharing your pics!
    Wishing You Creativity,
    Suzann Sladcik Wilson


  2. Amazing. Do you bring it in in the winter? We had some in the greenhouses in college and they were always a mystery to grow and watch grow. This one is a very large specimen with great color. It has to be because it is grown outside! Well done. Smiles…Renee


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