Power Tools

Sometimes I think I use MrPeachez' power tools more than he does :->

This time I pulled out the compound miter saw.  I needed one more hook rack for my sewing studio.  I like to hang up the purses and totes that I've made before they go off to their forever home.


So I've got a board, some old rulers and some vintage hooks.  Made a few cuts, put in a few screws and voila!


9 thoughts on “Power Tools

  1. PERFECTION!! I love this and yes, I love power tools, too. My husband and I joke that we don’t like to share so we have a few duplicates. I get a big hardy-har-har when he can’t find his and asks to borrow mine – tehe!


  2. There is something to the Ladies and Powertools combo. One of my friends hubby has an incredible workshop and he turns it over to us Ladies quite often and we go to work. His buds are amazed at the ‘change’ in their Ladies when they join in. Funny!


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