It’s a Keeper

I've been in create overdrive this weekend trying to get prepared for my first holiday sale coming up in 2 weeks, yikes :-#

I found the most fabulous mirror recently at the Goodwill.


I was lucky to be in the right place at the right time to snag this baby.  It's big, about 3 feet from top to bottom.  I think it's pretty retro fabulous as is.  The price was insane.  Can you read it here on the glass?


My intention was to cover this with seashells and take it to my first holiday sale and hopefully cash it in for some big bucks.



But now that it is on my wall it's not going anywhere.  

9 thoughts on “It’s a Keeper

  1. My goodness Suzy! That is freaking amazing! Have you seen website If not you must! So you and you will be very inspired!


  2. I love it Suzy! I can see why you couldn’t sell it. It would be a crime if you did! Great work!


  3. OK… I was envious of the fireplace and now I totally agree with your decision not to let the mirror go. I’ve started messing about with the shells I bought last fall at Nag’s Head but so far I’ve only done a little picture frame. Very, very nice work — definitely an inspiration!


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