Williamsburg Was a Blast

The craft show in Williamsburg was too much fun :->

We met some special people (I'll talk about that later) and had a really enjoyable 2 days. 


Our kitschy vintage crafts were well received and our bins were much lighter coming home.


Beth and I had a great time together and we will definitely be going back again next year.

I've got to run off to my Big Girl job today, but when I get back I will be putting lots of leftovers into my etsy shop.  Totes and xmas items. 

4 thoughts on “Williamsburg Was a Blast

  1. Wonderful! I kept trying to get on here a couple days ago to tell you I thought the pattern bags were BRILLIANT (prob may have to copy that idea) but I couldn’t get the page to load. I bet you had the best booth there! It really looks great.


  2. Suzy, it was great to meet you over the weekend in Williamsburg. Your and Beth’s creations were even lovelier in person and I am so loving my new tote. It is da bomb!


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