It’s a Wreath Giveaway!!

My friend Pam, blogger extraordinaire at Retro Renovation is most generously hosting a giveaway for a GeorgiaPeachez holiday wreath!!

How fabulous is that??!!??!!


If you are not familiar with Retro Renovation then do your self a favor and pop over for a visit. 

Your daily dose of midcentury remodeling resources…
home design inspiration… thrifty finds… and a generous
community of people passionate about their vintage and
postwar homes – “modern” and “modest” alike.

Definitely pop over and enter to win this special wreath.

Over at GeorgiaPeachez Wreaths there is still one wreath for 2011 available.

Happy Holidays!!

3 thoughts on “It’s a Wreath Giveaway!!

  1. OK
    I got it just not familiar with how this works over here
    ANyway dear your wreaths are out standing and who ever wins it will be a luck happy person. That was so nice of Rentro Renovations to have a give away with your wreaths
    Merry Christmas


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