Dreaming of Junkin’ in the New Year

As 2011 comes to a close I'm dreaming of all the good junking to come in the next year.  Is that you too?  Dreams of mega scores and holy grails?

Perched on my fridge already is a copy of the 2012 "Dreaming of Junking" calendar by my friend Sue over at Vintage Resque Squad.


What's so fab about this calendar is that each month contains the dates of most major US flea markets and antique shows as well as many local and regional shows.  You will never have to miss another flea market due to poor plannning :->

Sue also called upon her junking friends to provide some totally awesome pictures of favorite finds to keep you permanently in that junking mood.


What's more perfect than a GeorgiaPeachez wreath for December!

There are still several copies available here

Best wishes for a prosperous and junk filled New Year :-> 

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