January is for Nesting

What is it about this post holiday month that brings on the nesting instincts in triplicate?

Well, I actually starting some serious nesting action back in November during the heat of the holidays, and I started with my dining room.

I had completely turned the style around with a new to me vintage dining set and china cabinet but was still left with this massive Mission/Empire style sideboard.


I was able to re-home the sideboard a couple of weeks ago and while visiting mamapeach in TN we took a trip over to Asheville, NC where I found the perfect piece to compliment the rest of the decor.


I decided to start looking around for some vintage table linens.  Placemats, napkins and napkin rings.  Linens I hadn't used in the decor before but they seemed appropriate for this room now.

It didn't take me anytime to find some great pieces.


Growing up we had these same placemats in green.  These are vintage, but unused with the original tags intact.  Sweet.

Next I found the linen napkins and then the perfect vintage japan wooden rings.


Dining room is pretty complete now, just need to remove the broken Nutone intercom, patch the wall and DONE.  Kitchen is next,  going 70's mod all the way in there :->   


5 thoughts on “January is for Nesting

  1. Oh my goodness, you are so full of energy to do all of that. I remember those days. Could you please put some of that in an envelope and send it to me so I can re-do the guest room?


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