Vintage Stationary for Weddings

Fast forward 24 years and look at all the fabulous resources available to today's bride for planning her wedding.  I say, 24 years because that's how long I've been married.  I was an 80's bride.  Yep, 1980's.  The decade of big hair, big shoulder pads, oversized jackets.  Fashion was pretty horrific. 

If I was planning my wedding today, I'd probably go all out Portlandia-ish and have something so disgustingly hipster you would gag.  Birds on everything, organic flowers and vittles, photo booth, you name it.

My invitations for my 1980's ceremony were simple.  Not engraved, just printed.  Those were pretty much my options.  I did have them printed in a watermelon red ink and I thought that was something different, ha!


If I was choosing my invites today, maybe I would pick something with a bird on it.


I also love these romantic ones.  Everything looks great with polka dots.

I found these pretty vintage invitations here.