I Was a Very Ambitious 6th Grader

Santa brought my very first sewing machine when I was 8 years old.  Before that I hand stitched little dresses for my Barbie dolls.

MamaPeach was always my inspiration when it came to sewing.  I have two older sisters and mamapeach would sew clothes for us.  I have very fond memories of a poncho trimmed out in rows and rows of rick rack in varying sizes and colors.  I also remember very clearly a gaucho pant/bolero vest outfit made of thin whaled kelly green corduroy, again trimmed with rick rack.  I wore this with my patent leather faux lace up (zipper on the side) boots from the Sears catalog.  I think I was 9(?) years old. 

MamaPeach always told me that if I learned to sew, she would purchase all the fabric and patterns that I wanted.  SO, I was off to the races!


Betsey Johnson designed patterns for Butterick in the 60's and 70's and I think I had them all.  I made the short version of this dress when I was 11.  Polyester of course and I used red on the bottom like the picture and brown on the top.  I LUUUVED that dress.

My MOST ambitious endeavor when I was just a wee little 6th grader was this pattern.


I made this suit for myself.  I distinctly recall shopping in the fabric section of the Almart (that's right ALMART, not Wallyworld) in Knoxville, TN where we lived at the time.  I picked out a pastel striped heavy cotton for the slacks and jacket.  I made the long sleeved ruffle trimmed blouse to go with.  I picked a coordinating pastel patterned cotton.  Darts, button holes, set in sleeves, facings.  Yes, I was quite the ambitious seamstress when I was 11 years old.

I'm sure I must have worn this with my tan leather platform sandals.  Everyone had those sandals in 1971.  Purchased at Baker's Shoes in the mall with baby sitting funds :->


Oh wait, now I remember.  I had white clogs, exactly like the ones the model is wearing on the pattern.  Also purchased at Baker's I'm sure.


5 thoughts on “I Was a Very Ambitious 6th Grader

  1. Okay, now the question is “Is there anything that you cannot do?” Many of us would be scared to attempt those at this age. (No I’m not telling what that is.)
    That is just so neat. Your mom must have been tickled pink!


  2. OMG! I had those same tan wedgies! In fact, I still sometimes dream about them! And I sewed those patterns too, but I was in more like the ninth grade. Yes, you were VERY ambitious! 🙂


  3. wow! I had both pairs of those shoes when I was in high school. we called the tan sandles ‘buffalo sandles’ wore those to my HS grad in ’75. wore those white clogs everywhere. those were the days!(mauh) Liz


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