Retro Redo For Some Classic Breuer Chairs

I'm working on projects here and there to redecorate my kitchen in a fun 70's style.   This weekend it was kitchen chairs.

I picked up some knock off Breuer chairs at the Thrift store.  They are in very good condition and at $7 a pop the price was right.


After a little elbow grease, steel wool, spray paint and a stencil, they have a new lease on life.


I'm quite pleased and they look great with my new to me craigslist tulip table.


8 thoughts on “Retro Redo For Some Classic Breuer Chairs

  1. WoW!!! I would have said it wasn’t possible, but look at you!! They’re GREAT!!! Thanks for the inspiration. In everything, give thanks, GrandmaSoucie


  2. Suzy, you would have been so comfortable in my parents house. Mid century all the way. We had Breur chairs around a Parsons table and low slung modern black silk couches. Those chairs are just so cheerful…love them!
    ♥, Susan


  3. suzy, i love how you transformed the chairs.
    great color choices.i can’t wait to see where you are going to put the orange and yellow rug that you bought in my store.
    wendy @ rivertownvintage


  4. Love what you did, they are very 70ish. I would know because I was a teen in the 70’s. Actually came by to let you know that along with another site I had pinned your sewing table to one of my boards and my hubs used it for inspiration to build one for my birthday this past year. I just got around to posting a pic of it and thought you might see how you inspiring another blogger also inspired me. Thanks so much for sharing! You can see what we came up with here:


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