How To: Cutting/Storage Island Table

Hardly a day goes by that I don't get an inquiry about the cutting/storage table that I put together in my new sewing room.


It's quite marvelous and I love it.


In my old studio these cubbie shelves were against the wall.


But I didn't want a wall of fabric this time and I didn't want to use my old cutting table either.


This was a great table and I had room for storage underneath.  However, in my new sewing studio I decided to combine the cubbies and cutting table in to one.


  I used four sets of these ClosetMaid Cubeicals 9 Cube Organizers that I purchased at Target in white.

These measure 36" x 36" and each cube is approximately 12" x 12".

As you can see in the picture at top, I arranged them in to a rectangular shape by putting one on each end and then two in between those.  Now I have a mass of cubbies that measures 60" x 36" x 36".

Since my table sits on a carpeted floor I needed to attach them to each other so that they would stay nice and tightly together.  I did that by using mending brackets on the outside and L-brackets on the inside corners.

Hampton-20120308-00035 Hampton-20120308-00036


For the top cutting surface I intended to get a thin piece of wood to attach to the cubbies and lay a cardboard cutting board on top of that. 


In the end I simply put the cutting board on top (I had to cut off one panel) and attached it with some double sided mounting tape.  It has worked out great and has been plenty sturdy enough to cut on.  


2 thoughts on “How To: Cutting/Storage Island Table

  1. This was just what I needed..(didn’t know I needed it til I saw it) Hubby went and got all the material today so by tonight I too will have this great cutting table, instead of the table I use now..Slight modifacation in mine one side will be open as standing for too long is not an option for me….Got just a 2 wide for that side…Thank you so much for the great idea….


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